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Sri Krishna in his Bhagavad Gita declares “Vasudeva Sarvamiti Sa Mahatma Sudurlabha” , that is to say those souls who consider Lord Sri Krishna as everything are very rare to find and they need to be cherished.

One such noble soul is Mahavidwan Sri.U.Ve. Elayavilli Srinivasa Bhuvarahachariar Swami. It is not an exaggeration to say that hearing, writing or even thinking about such souls will lead us nearer to God. The note given here is no way a summary of his great qualities and inspirational life he has led. It’s just a very small attempt made at his divine feet, specifically done for the benefit of the masses to know such a living legend.

SriVaishnava Sampradaya is an ancient tradition and Sri Ramanuja is considered to be the main Acharya who has propagated this tradition for the good of the Jeevatmas. He had many devotees across India and Tirumalai Ananthan Pillai, who was considered to be the incarnation of Sri Adhi Sesha (Similar to his Guru Ramanuja) was one of his favorite disciples. Ananthan Pillai was known for his Gardening kainkaryam at Thirumala, which he has taken up upon the orders of his Acharya. In such a great lineage, was born a luminary Sri.U.Ve. Satakopachariar Swami.

Elayavilli Achan is the direct disciple of Sri Ramanuja.He was originally called Komandur Acchan. He served Sri Ramanuja most earnestly and with deep devotion just as Lakshmana to Sri Rama. He earned the appellation “Elayavilli” among the disciples of Sri Ramanuja.

Sri. Satakopachariar Swami was a Sweekaram(adoption) of Elayavilli Tiruvamsam and thus became Sri.U.Ve. Elayavilli Satakopachariar Swami. His title Sri Sookti Ratnakaram (the ocean of Sri Sookti’s) shows his scholarly nature. He married Smt.Ranga Nachiyar at Azhwar Tirunagari . Having no children, on elders’ advice, the couple went on a pilgrimage to SriMushnam. His wife took bath every day in the pushkarani (holy Pond of SriMushnam) and did pradakshina of Aswatha tree 108 times. She performed this for 48 days. The presiding lord Sri Bhuvaraha Swami cast his merciful grace over the pious lady and blessed her with a baby boy on 14th November 1932 in the tamil year Angeerasa Tula Masam, Krithika Nakshatra at Bangalore. He was named as Sri. Srinivasa Bhuvarahachariar, after his grandfather (Srinivasa) and Bhuvaraha Swami(Presiding deity at SriMushnam).

At the tender age of 5, this young prodigy was initiated to Srivaishnava Sampradaya granthas and Shastras by his revered father. Subsequently, he learnt all the shastras from a renowed scholar Sri.U.Ve.Nallan Ramakrishna Iyengar Swami. Simultaneously, he also learnt English from Sri.A.K.Krishna Iyengar Swami and continued his education upto his Master Degree (M.A) in Sanskrit language and literature at Madras University.

He learnt Sampradaya Granthas like Sri Bhashyam, Bhagavadh Vishayam, Rashasya Granthams etc from his father and paternal uncle Sri.U.Ve. T.A. Sadabhishekam Govinda Narasimhachariyar Swami. His first schooling on Sri Vaishnava Samapradaya started with his grandfather Chatushashtra Vidwan Sri.U.Ve. Govinda Appangar Swami. Later, he studied Vedartha Sangraha under the erudite scholar Sri.U.Ve. Maha Vidwan Karappangadu Venkatachary Swami who was a legend of his time. Sri. U.Ve.
Mahamahimopadyaya Jagathacharya Simhasanadhipathi Pradhivadhi Bhayankaram Annangaracharayar blessed him to become a full-fledged Sampradaya Pravarthaka Acharya.

He started his teaching career as a Sanskrit lecturer at Kumbakonam Govt.Arts College. Then he joined as the staff of MDT College, Tirunelveli. He was invited to join in Trichy St.Joseph College and during his stay at Srirangam he has the opportunity of listening to kalakshepam from his paternal uncle. In the year 1965, he joined as Sanskrit Professor at St.Joseph’s college, Bangalore and stayed there till his retirement in 1990.

His discourses have become very popular due to his simplicity and his eloquent style of delivery. He has not left a stone unturned and delivered almost all topics in sampradayam ranging from Ithihas and Puranams like Ramayanam , Bhagavatam, Maha Bharatam etc.., Rahasya Granthams like Mumukshupadi, Sri Vachana Bhushanams , Bhagavath Vishyam etc.., Divya Prabandhams like periyazhwar Tirumozhi, Tiruppavai ,Perumal Tirumozhi, Tiruneduntandagam etc.., Slokas like Asta Sloki to name a few. The year of 1967, Mr.M.A.Narayanan requested him to give a lecture during a gathering which made his popularity reach heights. His Tiruppavai discourses were farfetched which attracted audiences across the length and breadth of the country starting from Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Salem, Mathura ,Nagpur etc., And his glory has also reached abroad and audience from US used to take the privilege of hearing his lectures through internal telecast.

With his Mumukshupadi, he has fine-tuned and helped many jeevathams realize their true identity of Seshatvam and Paratantryam and he made a place in the hearts of many of his sishayas. It’s not an exaggeration to say, that due to his causeless mercy and with pure intention of the welfare of the jeevatmas, he has been delivering kalakshepams for all the Purvacharyas granthams. He crossed golden jubilee celebrations of his discourses and his Tiruppavai discourse, even at the age of 85 is an illustration of the causeless mercy he showers.
He sanctified his sishyas by conducting pilgrimages at the end of his kalakshepams to Divya desams like Tirunarayanapuram, Thirumala, SriRangam, Sri Perumbudur,Azhwar Tirunagari, SriVilliputhur etc.., to perform mangalasasanams to the Archa Tirumeni of the Emperuman.

He established Sat Sampradaya Pravachana Sabha for the spread of Sri Ramanuja Sampradaya, by arranging lectures of eminent scholars. Tiruppavai conference is the main annual feature of the sabha. He also founded Sat Sampradaya Grantha Parirakshna Samithi for printing and publishing SriVaishnava Granthas of our Acharyas. Through his lectures he collected donations for the renovation of Sri.Kurathazhwan temple, Azhwar temple, Sri Ramanuja temple and Sri Manavala Mamunigal temple at Azhwar Tirunagari and temple at Thentirupperai.

According to swami, all the beings in this world are Srivaishnavas in their soul and nature since the supreme lord Sri Maha Vishnu Pervades in everyone. This one noble thought is sufficient to feel his sowlabhayam(down to earth nature).

With his selfless service, he has earned the titles of “Sampradaya Sudha Nidhi” and “DivyaPrabandha Divakar”.No doubt, our swami with his noble qualities and thorough knowledge impressed and received the blessings of all the Jeeyar Swami’s belonging to different Mutts. We all, the members of the Sabha, pray for the good health, prosperity of our beloved swami and for his continued service to our Sampradaya. We remain ever devoted to our beloved Swami. Thalai alla kai marilene………


Baladhanvi Vamsha Sindhu Purna Chandra Sannibham,

SriSatari SoonuVaryam Aashrithancha thathpadam

Thath kataksha labdha Yugma Veda Sara Bhodakam,

Srinivasa Bhuvaraha Desikam Tamashraye

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