Prashna *Uttaram ( Q & A)

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Thambiraanpadi vyaakyaanam was said to be composed by Araiyar swami’s lineage.

Periya Vaachaan Pillai and Vadakku Thiruveedhi pillai.

While all the prabhanadham are great, Thiruvaimozhi is the essence (saaram) of arulichcheyal. It is considered as the essence of all the prabhandhams.

No. Nammazhwar was born with the blessings of Thirukkurungudi Nambi but he is not his incarnation. Nammazhwar was a Jeevatma. He was not an avatharam or amsam of Emperuman or any Nithyasoori.

Emperumanar is the avatharam of Aadhiseshan.